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Glasses Dress (semi-original?)

Saw this art of Mirai Kuriyama from Kyoukai no Kanata and wanted desperately to make it in acnl. I added a short-sleeved jacket-thing though since I want to wear it now when it feels like it’s too soon for no-sleeve outfits. The back had to suffer a little in the color pattern and spacing between the glasses in the pattern but oh well it’s good enough.

some pictures from during sakura season

The misadventure of losing Perine :<

I’m glad though that lopmon was able to stop by and adopt her, as it would have been even sadder for me if my perine was to go off to the void.

And, like I told myself I should do, I visited someone else’s dream town after updating mine. Once again, I skimmed some notes on my posts to find someone, ending up on ramoliacrossing. So here’s a few screencaps of me in her town of Ramolia.

It’s been a few weeks since I visited their town though, so I don’t remember what I was going to say about it. ;w;

A few weeks ago I updated my dream town during cherry blossoms. I haven’t updated since, so here’s a post about it!

Image with my dream code is just being reused from the last time I posted about updating my dream town.

im going to have to change my icon

at the very least, i’m glad that with as many followers as i have, there’s at least someone among them who’d have a spot free and would want to adopt any of my villagers, so i don’t have to go to an adoption tumblr for a sudden move-out and have to hope they post it in time ;w;

perine is probably a villager i’d really want to cycle for… maybe i will try to work up the motivation to play just to cycle to get her back. :<

I know that the winter time must have gotten rid of your dirt paths, but have you started to remake them? I'd love to visit your dream again to see them if you have :)

winter and pokemon got rid of my dirt paths

i’ve been far more casual with my playing, so they really haven’t come back much. and with perine moving out, i don’t know how motivated i’ll be to keep playing regularly….

i feel utterly defeated

i’ve been tired and drained from crazy work hours these past few weeks, haven’t had much time or motivation to load up acnl to check on villagers. i’d talk to villagers, but i wouldn’t reload forever until someone pinged, figuring it would be okay for a while anyway

but of course, just like the last time, the game picks one of THE WORST villagers to not tell me they’re moving

why did they remove the ability to stop them from moving on the day of