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do you know where you found the path for your town? or did you make it? i really love it!

my path is a dirt path. made with the animal tracks system (what people usually call ‘grass deterioration’, but it’s sounds overly negative imo). there’s no pattern, you just have to work hard and be diligent to get the kind of paths i have.

Hi! I was just wondering if you were still going to host the Tanabata festival. I didn't want to miss it if you were able to find the time today.

i’m super sorry and i feel really bad cause i did want to host, but stuff came up and i’m not really able to wifi today ;w;

Sorry to bother you, but I noticed that your emofuri character has glasses. I've been struggling to get glasses to animate correctly with the head, may I ask how you were able to do so? :)

the big text tutorial i did about it is here:

when you import, you need to set the parts type first. I find that 頭部 (2nd)->頭部枠同期 (2nd)->揺れ無し (first) for glasses specifically. you will have to alter the distortion for angles to make it look right though, which you can see in images on the post above


bust emofuri

glasses and crown are better because i fiddled around to get them to look better.

smaller emofuri for you all


i made an emofuri of my acnl mayor?

the glasses flicker and i cant figure out a better parts type to use for it to make it not flicker but still move right oh well

i did a thing

ktchewのコメント: Whoaa, how long did that take?

I’ve been cataloging it in pictures since… April? But I’ve been trying to work on it more since the snow melted in general

Path progress - 6/26

Hime’s Summer Outfit (Happiness Charge! Precure)

Finally got around to making this outfit hehe

Silhouette moved out, and then Santos moved in… right in front of my house…. why this

nook, saharah, jingle :)

Nook: Do you save or spend your money

Ah gosh, this one’s hard to really pin-point my answer on. In-game, it’s more saving than spending i guess (i usually empty my wallet out of all but 10k bells every day). IRL… iunno, i guess more saving too? But I do a lot of spending so it’s very slow saving lol

Saharah: Which countries have you visited

Just Japan! I’ve been all across the east coast of the US tho but that’s all the country I live in :P

Jingle: Favorite Holiday

In-game it’s definitely Setsubun, all the little details and small things to do are amazing. It was also fun how I got to experience it irl before the first time it came up in my game ;w; After that is Christmas/Toy day (my favorite holiday irl too i guess), since I like how it encourages playing during the whole month to gather all the clues for their presents. :3