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Head’s up about Otsukimi/Autumn Moon

Unfortunately, my wifi router’s being a pain with connecting to my 3ds and I can only create a temporary fix by rebooting the router, which is obviously something I can’t do all the time (since the wifi router is the primary router, meaning to reboot it means the whole house’s internet (even cabled ones) has to go off for a few moments). So, sadly, I can’t host for Otsukimi this year. ;w;

This year I got the candles! :D

Francine held my party this year! And Sumi and Shanty came by~

Pokemon birthday things uwu


Happy Obon! If you visit a Japanese town during Obon, you can receive an eggplant cow or cucumber horse (random) from shizue/isabelle :3

This event is over! Thanks everyone who came, and I look forward to hosting again uwu

I’d like this to be a bit more relaxing of an event, so please just message me when you can visit with your FCMayor nameTown name and I will add you then and open the gates. Again, message me only when you can definitely come by within 10 minutes of sending the message as I will send you my fc, add you, and open my gates immediately. Like usual, I’ll be cycling out people as I go, so you’ll only really be able to come over for a bit. While you are allowed to wander, please remember there might be people waiting for me to add them, so try not to spend too much time wandering.

I may end up stopping earlier than midnight, but no matter what that will be the latest I can have someone visit since I won’t time travel back to bring shizue back to the plaza.

Hey guys, tomorrow is obon in my game! I will make a post sometime tomorrow in the afternoon about visiting my town :3

And a ps to those who might want to bring gifts: check my morodb wishlist linked on my page. Birthday items would be super cool too cause the 17th is my birthday ;p

Just being super nosey but do you have the XL or the original? :)

Regular! the XL/LL is too big for my baby hands lol

I think I street passed you in brick at like best buy or something and I was like what the hell how is this possible that I just street passed someone from Japan ahah

the one across from the brick plaza?

if it was ベル from Yamanashi, Japan then yes it was me. i was probably getting some stuff for my new computer lol. or maybe i was getting my hair cut across the street or doing something at gamestop if you stopped by there too lol

i always bring my 3ds with me, even to work. tho iunno how well it streetpasses from the lockers by the break room lol

Santos’ birthday was the 24th! Lots of birthdays in a row!

Also, Shanty came to his party as well as King’s! I forget what I gave Santos, but he didn’t like it so much ;w;

King’s Birthday was the 23rd! I gave him the cancer table (yes i know he’s a leo but shush)